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The Cartersville Beekeepers Guild has been using the Beetle Baffle and have written about it on their website. Click here to see what they have to say.

Stop Losing Your Hives to Small Hive Beetles

Welcome to our website! Whether you are already fighting the small hive beetle (SHB) or are looking at ways to fortify your hives before they become a problem, you've come to the right place.


The Beetle Baffle is a highly effective barrier system that installs on your bottom board and (in some cases) the bottom of your hive body. It's easy to install, easy for your bees to get around, and a nightmare for SHBs!


To see some photos, installation instructions, and an installation video, check out our Product Info page.


To learn about the the results we and others have experienced while using the Beetle Baffle, go to our Product Testing page.


Our Latest News page has an RSS feed from our blog. There's always something interesting going on there.


Last, but certainly not least, check out where to buy the Beetle Baffle. In addition to our two fine vendors, you can purchase directly from our store. If you buy more than three sets, shipping is free!


So give us a read and see what we're all about. We think you'll be more than happy with what you find.

Beetle Baffle Brochure
This brochure has all the basic information about the Beetle Baffle including its purpose, construction information, price, and where to buy.
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Come see how the Beetle Baffle can help save your bees from the insidious threat of the small hive beetle.

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